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Ayla vs Flea – Chrono Trigger Commission


A commission for PharaohYami5000

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  1. No Name
    No Name says:

    I may not be into either futanaris or herrmaphrodites,but,…
    The futanari(hermaphrodite(?!)) version of Ayla and Flea touching
    and tasting each other’s tongues,and then having sex,
    and Ayla releasing that white-hot load of semen into
    the womb and vagina of Flea at the near end was hot in some way.
    And the female voice actor did a really good job.
    However,there should have been 2 female voice actors
    letting out moans of pure pleasure.
    Other than that,from my own point of view,this is quite fap-worthy.
    And as the saying goes,and I quote!,…”To each,it’s own.”
    Hot as hell,and awesome as fuck. 10 out of 10.
    Please keep doing what you do best,enjoy life,…and fuck the haters.


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