Another collab with ThiccwithaQ! This time featuring their pkmn OC, Yorra.



Done for username Sol Feldman




A collab with the legendary AEOLUS, with voice and sound again by the amazing MACSTAR, and a banger remix track by B2THEJAYBEATZ!





“Let somebody else get the spotlight for once Rouge!”

My most recent Patreon fan voted animation, voiced by the amazing Endymion!






My homie Jujunaught made a couple fun pinups back to back that I couldn’t resist animating. Check them out if you get the chance!


Made a quick loop for fun to celebrate 40,000 followers on Twitter. My homie S-L-B
also let me play with OC for this one too 🙂




A commission for PharaohYami5000


Another side project done using one Nyancha’s (@ThiccwithaQ) sh**posts, voiced by the amazing Endymion (@EndymionVA)

53 years old and CAN STILL GET IT whenever she wants it!




[May 2021 Addendum] Thank you Power Rangers: Battle For the Grid for
the additional meal.